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Janet Lowder and Frank HickmanHickman & Lowder Co., L.P.A., has evolved by bringing together a group of lawyers impassioned by personal and professional experience to create a meaningful way to advocate for clients whose lives are complicated by special concerns.

Franklin Hickman and Janet Lowder have been working together since 1984. By the turn of the century, several more attorneys had joined their unusual firm. Elena Lidrbauch and Judith Saltzman brought nearly 50 years of experience in public interest law and mental health experience to a firm that valued their past career choices and experience. As the firm’s momentum grew, other attorneys followed, including Linda GorczynskiDavid Banas, and John Harrison.  In 2015, Brockman Legal Services joined Hickman and Lowder, adding the skills of Attorney Blaine Brockman, and expanding the firm's presence in Central Ohio.

All the attorneys brought with them a back-story and a commitment to the disadvantaged to build on the firm’s history of service. Frank, who as a teenager had worked for years at one of Eunice Shriver’s camps for children with developmental disabilities, began his career at the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland where he advocated for the rights of those with mental disabilities. To this day, through his representation of public boards and agencies, he reaches through impact litigation into the daily lives of children and adults with disabilities. Janet, who had begun working with Frank as a paralegal, emerged from law school already equipped to champion the rights of children and adults with special needs and to counsel older adults in the fast-growing new field of Elder Law. 

Elena’s first career in the mental health field primed her for her place in our firm where she advocates on behalf of older adults and clients with disabilities, including work-related injuries and illnesses. Judy’s long Legal Aid and public health law background settled into a focus on the most vulnerable: school-age children with disabilities, out of which she has grown her Special Education practice.  Linda's passion for helping people with disabilities stems from the premature birth of her son with cerebral palsy.  Dave deeply appreciates and understands that families tend to endure obstacles together and sought to become a lawyer who brought those familiar values into a system that is all too formulaic.  

Many of us are related to children and adults with disabilities, or know what it means to be a caregiver for an older relative or friend. Today, while we all deliberately narrow our practices to represent certain types of clients, it is the collective knowledge that we gain from working with each other that sets our firm apart.

Paralegals and secretaries work together with these attorneys to counsel and represent individuals and families touched—and challenged—by disability, special needs, and the physical and mental changes that old age sometimes brings. Today the firm includes: three shareholders, three associates, an attorney of counsel, and a veteran staff of 16 professionals (including an OSBA Certified Paralegal and a Certified Elder Care Coordinator) who spend all day every day strengthening our firm in order to empower our clients.

When you choose to work with Hickman & Lowder—whether you are young, old, or in between, living with disabilities or caring for someone who is—you get a team of people who have devoted their entire legal careers to guiding and fighting for individuals just like you.

Explore further information about your Hickman & Lowder team to get to know each of us a little better.

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