Special Needs Estate Planning

Let the special needs planning lawyers of Hickman & Lowder help you plan for the future needs of your child

Planning for Your Child's Future

Woman with disability using cell phoneMaybe you just discovered your child has disabilities, or maybe you’ve known for years. Whether your child is five, 25, or 50 years old, he is still your child. He's counting on you in ways other children don’t have to depend on their parents. Your future always includes his future. How do you plan for his security and your peace of mind?

You're not alone. Our focus is to help you plan thoroughly for the future needs of your child with special needs. There’s no doubt about it: Extra money can help people with disabilities live a better life. Whether that money comes from a personal injury settlement or an inheritance, we can secure the government benefits your child deserves and protect private funds with proper estate planning. There are many ways to preserve your financial support for your child, even after you're gone, but planning now, while you’re healthy and clear-headed, is crucial.

These goals are usually achieved through the creation of a personalized trust, sometimes a special needs trust. We can help decide which type of trust makes the most sense for your situation. Click here for some examples.

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The breadth of our counsel and community leadership on special education and developmental disabilities services, Social Security disabled adult child benefits, and Medicaid enable our team to draw on a variety of exceptional resources for your benefit. We know what works now and what is likely to work in the future to boost your child’s standard of living. Our “Trustee School” is one of the innovative ways we teach clients how best to fulfill their responsibilities. We chose to devote our legal careers to helping you support your special needs child. We advocate for you and your child, and help you plan for the day you won’t be here to do so yourself. Your child needs all the energy and hope you have to share. Don’t let worry about the future sap the strength you need now. You have a committed partner in this challenging process and we know you deserve the very best possible. We're in this together.

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