Lives of Two Ohio Children Saved by 2014 EpiPen Law

Monday, June 29, 2015

epipenDid you know that Ohio enacted a law last year allowing public school districts to keep EpiPens on hand in the event of an anaphylactic emergency involving any student?  The new law has saved two Akron–area students already--one for an allergic reaction to peanuts, and the other for an allergic reaction to pineapple.  Note, however, that the law does NOT require districts to stock the EpiPens;

it just gives them the right to do so, if they so choose.  Of course, if a district does decide to keep the medication on hand, the Superintendent must develop a policy dictating who can administer the life-saving medication, who can receive the injection (staff, visitors, contractors, etc), how and under what conditions it is to be administered, where it will be stored, etc.  If the district decides to stock the EpiPens, it must store at least two in each school operated by the district.  And any time an EpiPen is used by the district, they must contact emergency medical providers immediately thereafter. If your child has an allergy, you may want to find out if your district takes advantage of this law.

Click here for the actual language of the statute.

- Posted by Attorney Linda M. Gorczynski

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