2017 Ohio School Report Cards Released

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Report CardEach year the Ohio Department of Education issues report cards to each public school district in Ohio. Given the changes in the standards and testing, the past few years have shown some unusually poor grades across the state. However, the state expects that this year’s report cards will show some improvement. Click here to see your district’s report. 

There is also a separate yearly report specifically focused on special education. Click here to see your district’s results. Here, districts are rated on the following questions about their students with disabilities:

1. Are they prepared for kindergarten?

2. Are they achieving at high levels?

3. Are they prepared for life after high school?

4. Is the district in compliance with IDEA?

The report also breaks down the percentage of students with disabilities in a given district as well as the types of disability categories those children qualify under, and then compares those percentages with Ohio’s state average. 14.8% of Ohio’s students qualify under IDEA as a student with a disability. The largest qualifying disability category is specific learning disabilities with 41.29%.

- Posted by Attorney Linda Gorczynski

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