Articles: Elders & Their Caregivers

Take Simple Steps Early to Protect Your Most Important Asset: The Family Home
By Attorney David S. Banas

Caring for Caregivers

Can I Trust That Life or Death Decision?
By Attorney Blaine P. Brockman

Aid is Available for Veterans and their Surviving Spouses to Help Pay for Long-term Care
By Attorney John R. Harrison

I Guess You Could Say My Mother Was...Different
By Terry Fries-Maloy, MSW, LISW

When NOT to Trust a Trust

Planning for the Big Event
By Terry Fries-Maloy, MSW, LISW

How Much Can I Give Away?

What, Me, a Caregiver?
By Terry Fries-Maloy, MSW, LISW

What are the Beneficiary's Rights to Information About a Trust?

The Promise
By Terry Fries-Maloy, MSW, LISW

Reluctant Talk
By Attorney Elena A. Lidrbauch

Give My Home to My Children?

Smoothing the Way for Our Elders in Transition
By Terry Fries-Maloy, MSW, LISW, P. Lal Arora, MD, FRCPC, Carole Klingler, BSN, RN
Published by the Lorain County Medical Society in The Morning Journal, October 6, 2010

Medicaid Eligibility for Married Individuals

A Story of Elder Abuse

Medicare Basics and Annual Medicare Open Enrollment

Let Your Wishes Be Known!

Medicare Update: 2011

Aid & Attendance - Pension Benefit Available to Veterans or Their Surviving Spouses
By Attorney Elena Lidrbauch

Travelling with Disabilities
By Terry Fries-Maloy, MSW, LISW

When Can a Trust Be Useful?

It's the Holiday Season...and the Season for Increased Caregiver Stress
By Terry Fries-Maloy, MSW, LISW

Elder Law: What It Is and How It Is Changing

Guardianship & Caregiver Liability

Medicaid Provides Home and Community-Based Services Waivers
By Attorney Janet Lowder, CELA

Estate Administration and the Medicaid Recovery Program: The Personal Representative's Duty to Notify
By Attorneys Janet Lowder, CELA, and Lisa Montoni Garvin

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