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Let the special education attorneys of Hickman & Lowder be your child's advocate for free appropriate public education

Boy playing with blocksAs a parent of a child with special needs, you are likely to face challenges and frustrations in your dealings with your school district when it comes to special education. Because we understand that your primary goal is to allow your child to realize his or her potential, Hickman & Lowder is here to defend your child’s right to a free, appropriate public education (FAPE) by reminding the schools—and sometimes revealing to them—what the law requires.

Sometimes, a consultation is all you will need to help you get better results for your child. When more is required, we will represent you at IEP team meetings, mediation, due process, and federal court if needed.

There's no better example of what can be accomplished by single-minded parents and their attorneys than the Knable v. Bexley City School District case. The district had refused to convene an IEP team meeting unless the parents first agreed to the district’s choice of placement, a local facility that the parents deemed inappropriate. In a precedent-setting Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals decision, Hickman & Lowder's persistence won the right of a behaviorally disabled child to have out-of-state, private residential school placement funded by his school district back home.

Whether you need someone to accompany and guide you through meetings to develop an IEP, to advise you during a difficult school year, or to provide sound advice on the costs and benefits of litigation, Hickman & Lowder can help. Our attorneys chose to devote their legal careers to helping kids with disabilities. We've broken ground on your behalf, finding or making ways for the law to bolster the rights of special education students. Our attorneys are active in organizations that support parents. The firm also provides leadership and training to parents, attorneys, and community advocates.

Your child knows he or she is not alone because you are there. With Hickman & Lowder at your side, you're not alone, either.

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