Ask An Attorney: How can I help my child with special needs thrive?

I am a new mom of a son with Down syndrome.  Our pediatrician’s office gave me some information about resources available to our family and I have become involved with our local Down Syndrome Association chapter.  I met some other parents who have shared some suggestions, but I want to make sure I do everything possible to allow my son to thrive.  What should I be considering as he grows up?

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Nursing Home Medicaid Applications: What You Need to Know About Eligibility

If you or a loved one need nursing home care or long-term care in the home, the thought of applying for Medicaid to secure that care is daunting. Try Googling “Medicaid Application” and you’ll find thousands of results that are essentially worthless. Here are some points to know, if you are faced with applying for long-term Medicaid to pay for care:

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Mental Health is Physical Health Too

As we contemplate the ambiguous term “Mental Health,” it is important to recognize that our mental health is just as important as, and even an integral part of, our physical health.  There is a cornucopia of studies that link mental health to the way we feel physically.  There is a reason why we feel better after a long walk, a hard workout, or even a day of doing yard work.  In some cases, exercise is used to supplement or even replace medication in treating mental health issues – think: runner’s high.  Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Personality Disorders, and even Schizophrenia are all mental health diagnoses that have been successfully treated, in part, by exercise.  

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Show Me the Money! – Ohio’s Autism Scholarship Amount has Increased

Ohio’s new budget, signed by Governor DeWine this summer, includes a long-overdue increase in the Autism Scholarship amount. Currently a qualifying student can access $27,000 in scholarship dollars under the Autism Scholarship, but that amount will climb to $31,500 in October and $32,455 in 2022. It is not a huge jump, but every dollar helps.

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Hickman & Lowder Attorneys Named to 2022 Best Lawyers® and Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch Lists

We are pleased to announce that four attorneys have been included in the 2022 Edition of The Best Lawyers in America®, and one has been included in the 2022 Edition of Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch.

Hickman & Lowder would like to congratulate the following named to 2022 The Best Lawyers in America list:

  • Blaine P. Brockman – Elder Law
  • Franklin J. Hickman – Education Law
  • Janet L. Lowder – Elder Law, Litigation – Trusts and Estates, and Trusts and Estates

Hickman & Lowder would like to congratulate the following named to the 2022 Edition of Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch

  • Ethan A. Welch – Trusts and Estates
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Caregiver Mental Health During COVID-19

AARP recently released findings of a study that analyzed over 236,000 cases of individuals diagnosed with COVID-19. The study indicates that up to one-third of survivors suffer from psychiatric or neurological illnesses within six months of infection, with 34% of those further diagnosed with mental health or neurological disorders. The most common conditions were mood and anxiety disorders, but it also identified a higher rate of insomnia, dementia, and even encephalitis.

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