In Search of a Caregiver

I recently saw the following post in a private Facebook group for residents of my city: “Wanted ASAP: Live-in caregiver for adult woman with Cerebral Palsy and a developmental disability. Clearances mandatory. PM me for details.”  It gave me pause.  My first thought was that of concern for the person in need of caregiving.  To me, this situation seemed ripe for an ill-intentioned person to possibly take advantage, either physically or financially.   Surely, there are safer ways to connect with a qualified, potential caregiver – or not.  Was I being overly cautious and out of touch?  I am perfectly comfortable with people seeking other types of services on social media.  Is caregiving any different?  I asked Care Coordinator Janelle Leonard for her thoughts.  Here’s what she said:

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seniors lunch

My Community Meal

Have you or an elder loved one thought about participating in a community meal program? Are you nervous about attending for the first time by yourself? Do you have some doubts about the food quality? I had the opportunity to participate in the hot lunch program at the North Olmsted Senior Center this week and, if you have ever had these concerns, I thought you might benefit from learning about my experience.

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white house logo

The White House Monthly Disability Call

The White House hosts monthly calls regarding updates on various disability issues.  It is also an opportunity to become familiar with people who work on disability issues for the Federal Government.  The calls are off the record and not for press purposes.

On Tuesday, February 15, 2011, at 1:00 p.m. ET, Kareem Dale, Special Assistant to  the President on Disability Issues, will host the next monthly call.  The topic is the President’s budget as it relates to people with disabilities.

Dial in for listeners (US): 800-288-8974
Title: White House Disability Call (use instead of code)
For live captioning at the time of the call, click here.

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Health Care Reform and Families with Special Needs

Family Voices is partnering with Georgetown University on a research study to track how health reform is affecting families, and, in particular, families who have children with special health care needs.  Participants will take part in two hour-long interviews about their child’s health care coverage.  Data will be used to to inform policy makers about the effectiveness of early health care reform.  All participants will remain anonymous and information shared is confidential.  Compensation is available for participating in the project.

For more information, please contact Brooke Lehmann ( or 202-333-2770) or Janis Guerney ( or 202-546-0558) and include your name, address, phone number and a brief explanation of the circumstances you are facing.

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Direct Deposit for Social Security Checks

The following is from the Greater Cleveland Volunteers newsletter:

Are you one of the people who wait patiently by your mailbox on a certain day each month, hoping for the arrival of your Social Security check? And hope that the check actually comes on the expected day? Well, there is an alternative that is definitely safer and more reliable – Direct Deposit. It protects millions of people from fraud and identity theft and gives them more control over their schedules and money.

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Preparing for an Emergency

Yesterday’s storm left our house without power for about five hours.  I knew my 80-something neighbor “Ann” was safe and sound, but I was concerned for others on our street.  Was the elderly couple two doors down okay?  How would the man who uses the lift across the street be able to get into or out of his house?  Would the people without phone service be able to communicate with loved ones to let them know they’re okay?

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