Independent Educational Evaluation: Disagreeing Creates Clarity

Your parental role is crucial in the formation of your child’s Individual Education Program (IEP). While the school district may have your child’s best interests in mind, that doesn’t mean that disagreements won’t occur. For example, you may take issue with how the district qualified your child for an IEP, or you may not agree […]

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Our Girls

Girls who struggle with mental health issues, including but not limited to: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, conduct disorders, and panic disorders, are being stigmatized even further in the educational system.  They are not qualifying for the specially designed instruction they not only need, but deserve and have a right to receive at their schools.  These […]

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Understanding Your Child's Report Card

Understanding Your Child’s Grades

Only YOU understand your child and appreciate him/her as a whole learner.  Parents are living through their child’s deficits, not only in school, but at home.  One aspect that has changed the educational experience at home for families is the report cards.  From the format, to the timing, to how the earned grades are delivered […]

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