Tips for Long-distance Caregiving

Caring for a family member from a distance is a daunting and complicated task.  Practically, how does one ensure that a loved one receives adequate supervision?  How does one ensure that Mom or Dad is eating, bathing, or maintaining the home?  Emotionally, how can one remain connected in a caring, loving relationship when separated by […]

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In Search of a Caregiver

I recently saw the following post in a private Facebook group for residents of my city: “Wanted ASAP: Live-in caregiver for adult woman with Cerebral Palsy and a developmental disability. Clearances mandatory. PM me for details.”  It gave me pause.  My first thought was that of concern for the person in need of caregiving.  To […]

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Older adults alzheimers alert system

Resource for Caregivers

We have all heard of “Amber” alerts.  They are messages regarding missing orabducted children and are intended to alert us in the event we have any information regarding the missing child’s whereabouts.  Perhaps we’ve received them as texts, emails, or voice mails.  Maybe we’ve seen them on billboards as we’re driving.  The intent is to […]

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Reduction in Nursing Hours Upheld by Appeals Court

News from the Caregiver Front: Reduction in Nursing Hours Upheld by Appeals Court

If you or a loved one relies upon Medicaid to pay for private duty nursing, a significant case has happened in the past two weeks which may affect your care.  You already know that over the past few years, Ohio has been eliminating or cutting back on Medicaid funded nursing.

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Preserving Assets While Applying for Medicaid

Ohio Legislators Enhance Protections of Seniors and Adults With Disabilities

Laws protecting seniors and adults with disabilities in the state of Ohio will get a boost in September, when new rules that strengthen existing adult protective services statutes take effect. The new provisions cover a wide range of situations, and are expected to help an increasing number of vulnerable adults. Some highlights of note:

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Hickman & Lowder hosted Exceptional Moms Day 2017

Special Education Q & A

Exceptional Mom’s Day was amazing—we learned, we shared, we laughed, we cried, we ate, and we walked around in our amazingly comfortably fuzzy pink socks while sipping hot cocoa! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have met new people and reconnect with familiar faces, all of us going on a similar journey.

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Older couple together

In-home Care vs. Facility – You Decide

One of the most common questions posed in care coordination is how to decide between in-home care and facility placement. While there is no simple answer to this question, it is important to recognize the pros and cons of both choices. There are several factors involved in making the best choice: level of care/care needs, […]

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