Computer Classes for Older Adults

A few years ago, my grandfather purchased his first computer.  He primarily used it to keep in touch with friends and research various topics of interest.  Recently, he cancelled his Internet service and gave the computer away.  When I asked him why he discontinued using what I consider a necessary device in life, he said, “I never could grasp the nomenclature.  What’s the difference between a blog and an e-mail?  I don’t know how to open attachments.  I’m tired of getting jokes and drug offers.  It just became too frustrating to use anymore.”  I thought this was a shame.  He’s missing out on so much!

There are several free or inexpensive computer training classes for older adults offered throughout Northeast Ohio, including:

The Ashbury Senior Computer Community Center offers free computer and technology training for seniors at different locations throughout the Cleveland area.

Funutation Tekademy offers both basic and advanced computer classes for adults age 50+., a partnership of the Cleveland Public Library and the Senior Success Vision Council, hosts presentations throughout Cuyahoga County about resources available on their site and the Internet.

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