Upcoming COPAA Events

I usually don’t have the opportunity to come into contact with our clients on a first-hand basis.  My role is primarily behind the scenes within the firm.  So, I especially enjoy the few occasions each year when I am able to interact with clients.  One such occasion occurred last fall prior to a local conference.  Several of our attorneys were conference speakers or organizers and I became involved by taking some participant reservations.  All of the participants with whom I spoke were parents of children with disabilities.  Each expressed great interest in gaining as much information as possible, connecting with resources, and networking opportunities with other parents.

I was struck by their enthusiasm at the time and was recently reminded of these parents when Attorney Judy Saltzman forwarded information on the upcoming COPAA (The Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates) national conference and webinar series.  The conference is March 11th through the 14th in St. Louis.  The webinars include a four-part series focusing on special education advocacy.

Our firm fully supports COPAA’s mission.  Both Judy and Attorney Frank Hickman are personally involved – Judy as a speaker, Frank as a speaker, board member, and program developer.  I hope you are able to attend either the conference or the webinars.  If you do, please let us know of your thoughts.

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