‘Cookie-Cutter’ Estate Plans

toy_trainI had the chance to be with all nine of my grandchildren this past weekend and I came away some wonderful memories.  Avery, a sweet young girl of 10, got to spend some time with her very studious cousin, Nate, age 9.  Nate is BIG into trains, which Avery learned in the first 30 seconds of being together.  Her response was very telling of how each of these young people is unique.  Avery told us, “I thought tenders were part of a chicken and that transformers were robots.”

This little experience brought home to me how specific any plan for Avery’s future or Nate’s will, and should, be.  In my experience with Hickman & Lowder, I know first-hand that there are no ‘cookie-cutter’ estate plans and that a detailed letter of intent can really help your successors do the best job possible, as you would want.

– Posted by Carol Culley

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