Gifts Ideas for Elders in Care Facilities

giftPurchasing gifts for loved ones in care facilities can be difficult since they are limited in the amount of space provided in their rooms.  Likewise, it is challenging to generate gift ideas since their basic needs are being met on a daily basis and each care facility has its own rules and regulations regarding items that are permissible in the facility.

The next time you are looking to buy a loved one a gift, consider the following gift items:

Box Set of Holiday and/or Birthday Cards
It can be extremely difficult for residents of an assisted living facility or nursing home to go to the store and pick out holiday cards and birthday cards for their family and friends.  Therefore, you can purchase a stylish box and several different cards to place in the box for your loved one that will itemize occasion dates and provide a list of addresses for family and friends.  If your loved one is artistic and would prefer to make the card, you can purchase blank cards at a local craft store and some supplies with which to decorate the cards.

Flowers/Fruit/Muffin of the Month Club
Consider weekly or monthly deliveries of flowers, fruits and/or muffins. 

Brain Teasers/Puzzles
There are many handheld, electronic games on the market that serve to keep the brain active.  For instance, 20Q is a game that keeps the brain alert and provides entertainment to your loved one.   Games for the elderly can be found online at

Spa/Salon Treatment
Spa gift certificates are wonderful if the elder would enjoy a soothing massage.  Or perhaps they would enjoy a salon gift certificate where they can not only get their hair styled, but also treat themselves to a manicure or pedicure.  These services may be provided at the care facility, but your loved one may enjoy the day out.  If they are unable to physically leave the facility, you may be able to retain services where the professional goes to the care facility.

Book and Magazines
Reading materials provide hours of entertainment.  Consider purchasing magazine subscriptions or a small collection of books (and perhaps even a small bookshelf) for your loved one.

Digital Picture Frames
Many residents in care facilities are not provided with much shelf space.  Therefore, you may want to consider purchasing a digital picture frame that you can upload photos to.  This will certainly give your loved one something to boast about.

Clothing and accessories easily get worn out and may even get lost at the facility.   You may want to purchase an adequate supply of clothing (perhaps zipper clothing for ease and convenience), scarves, watches, nonskid socks and shoes.  Similarly, the bedding gets overused and new throws, linens and pillows are needed.

Often, electronics, such as telephones, TV’s with a remote control and alarm radios are already provided to your loved one by the care facility.  However, your loved one may benefit from a large button phone or a large button television remote control.  They may even need an alarm clock with large numbers.   

Lap Tables
You can have a personalized lap table made for your loved one that is cushioned with a bean bag on the bottom and filled with pictures of family and friends on top of the table.  Your loved one may use this lap table while eating meals and playing cards; the possibilities are endless.

Family Celebrations Book
Store your family’s memories in a personalized family celebration book.  There is no limit to how these books can be designed and it may provide significant quality time that you can spend with your loved one as you design the book together.  Family celebration books can be purchased at

– Posted by Mary Kastelic

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