Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA)

Hickman & Lowder attorneys Janet L. Lowder and Elena A. Lidrbauch are certified Elder Law Attorneys (CELA) by the National Elder Law Foundation.

Elder Law is a legal specialty which has been formally recognized by a few states, including Ohio. To apply for certification, an attorney must have been practicing Elder Law at least five years. The attorney must have handled a certain minimum number of cases in the various practice areas that make up Elder Law, including health and personal care planning, premortem legal planning, fiduciary representation, legal capacity counseling, public benefits, special needs counseling, advice on insurance matters, resident rights advocacy, housing counseling, employment and retirement advice, litigation and administration advocacy, and must have completed 45 hours of continuing legal education in Elder Law in the three years preceding the application. The attorney must also take a one-day written exam and provide names of at least five references who are familiar with the attorney’s work in the area of Elder Law, at least three of whom must be Certified Elder Law Attorneys.

We’re proud to note that our colleagues above are two of only 29 CELAs in all of Ohio.

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