Hickman & Lowder is Going Green

Hickman & Lowder recently became a Certified Green Law Firm through the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association.  To become certified, participating law firms must commit to taking concrete steps toward reducing their energy consumption and paper usage.  Some components of our certification plan include using compact fluorescent bulbs, printing on both sides of the paper when feasible, recycling paper, cardboard, plastic, and cans, and turning off lights and powering down equipment when not in use.  The goal is to reduce overall consumption by 10%.

The steps we have taken to reduce our carbon footprint are simple, inexpensive, and just a start.  There are many other options for creating a greener lifestyle.  My favorite unusual options include:

  • Take a green vacation.
  • Use paper alternatives – cotton, rice, hemp, agricultural byproducts.
  • Keep a bucket in the shower to fill with excess water for your garden.
  • Have a natural burial in a green cemetery.
  • Create a compost container in your kitchen.
  • Use “potatoware” instead of paper or plastic place settings.
  • Ditch the bling and don jewelry made from recycled plastic bottles.

Please share your comments if you have any interesting green tips that are outside the norm.

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