Preparing for an Emergency

Yesterday’s storm left our house without power for about five hours.  I knew my 80-something neighbor “Ann” was safe and sound, but I was concerned for others on our street.  Was the elderly couple two doors down okay?  How would the man who uses the lift across the street be able to get into or out of his house?  Would the people without phone service be able to communicate with loved ones to let them know they’re okay?

Proper preparation is an important aspect of successfully navigating an emergency situation.  The City of Cleveland Emergency Preparedness Guide provides important emergency phone numbers and checklists, and outlines steps to take to be best prepared for a variety of emergencies, including terrorism, weather-related, illness, and power outages.  It also contains information specific to pets (an important part of my household) and people with special needs.

Many Northeast Ohio cities also offer emergency-related services specifically for their residents.  Visit your city’s website to learn more about the resources available to help you put “safety first.”

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