Recognizing Excellence: Hickman & Lowder recognizes “Bradley Bay”

For those of who don’t yet know, Bradley Bay Health Center in Bay Village offers long-term nursing home care, short-term rehabilitation services, and assisted living.

With an overall score of 97.49%, Bradley Bay scored highest in the State on the 2012 Family Satisfaction Survey.

The Survey was conducted by the Scripps Gerontology Center of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, on behalf of the Ohio Department of Aging and under the direction of the Office of the State Long-term Care Ombudsman. More than 27,000 family members responded. Of the 948 nursing homes participating, 387 scored above the state average, and 229 scored 88% or better, earning them an additional “quality point” in a reimbursement formula used by the Office of Medical Assistance (Medicaid). (Source: Ohio Department of Aging)

Additionally, Bradley Bay received a 5 out of 5 overall rating from CMS of the Dept of Health and Human Services on May 31, 2012. This score means that Bradley Bay Health Center is rated much above average overall based on health inspections, nursing home staffing, and quality measures. (Source:

This is really comforting news for my family, as we have a dear relative at Bradley Bay. Sherry (not her real name) recently had a serious health episode, during which hospitalization was considered. Sherry’s wishes to stay at Bradley Bay and be cared for there were respected by her doctor and the staff. Fortunately, she has recovered nicely. Perhaps even more important, we are grateful that, like Sally Field at the Oscar’s a few years back, Sherry can say, ‘They like me. They really like me.’

One of the reasons this story has a ‘happy ending’ is that Sherry formally made her desires known by signing a Healthcare Power of Attorney and Living Will some years ago. Past that, Sherry’s doctor spent time with her when she was feeling well to talk about what Sherry would want to happen if and when she had another serious health crisis. In addition, various nurses at Bradley Bay also talked with Sherry about what she would want in that case. When the health crisis came along, those health professionals who know her best gave Sherry their best efforts, keeping her at Bradley Bay, where she is at home.

– Posted by Paralegal Carol Culley

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