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Resolve to Plan

We are 28 days into the new year… have you maintained your New Year’s Resolution? It’s tough to form new habits! Well, if you haven’t kept your resolution and you’re looking for a quick way to redeem yourself and feel productive, I have an idea for you: resolve to make a plan for your family through special needs estate planning. This can include a will, special needs/family trust, powers of attorney, and other related documents.

Many people make the mistake of thinking they don’t need to do estate planning unless they are (a) getting really old, or (b) have a ton of money. In fact, we need estate planning sooner rather than later, regardless of our bank balance, and especially when we have a child or family member who relies upon us for their care- we just don’t know what tomorrow brings.  We want to make sure that our wills or trusts are set up so that government and disability benefits aren’t lost by an inheritance. And we want to be clear on our wishes as to who will take care of our children…who will manage their finances…who they will live with, etc. Make your wishes known. Develop a plan.

The craziness of this world over the past year has taught us that unexpected things CAN and DO happen! We must focus on the things we can control – like planning for your family’s care and financial security in your absence through estate planning. No daily commitment is required – just a few meetings with a trusted attorney. You’ll sleep better knowing you’ve done all you can to provide for your family if/when something unexpected happens.

Give me a call if you’d like to meet and get started developing your family plan.

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