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Sonja’s Suggestions: Enjoy the Last Days of Summer

Where did the summer go?! August has come and gone in a blink of an eye. Most of my conversations with our clients and visitors have been centered on the fact that Old Man Winter is looming around the corner – a thought that many of us find disconcerting. Didn’t we just put away our boots and shovels? Well, until it’s time to dig them out again, I think we need to enjoy what we have left of the summer. We still have plenty of nice, warm days ahead, so here are my suggestions for making the most of them:

  • Take a nice, long walk. It’s good exercise and a nice way to enjoy the beauty of nature. Click here for information about hiking trails in our area.
  • Have a picnic with family and friends. Click here for some delicious picnic recipe ideas.
  • Sit outside and read a book and relax. Click here for this week’s New York Times Best Sellers list.
  • There are plenty of festivals to attend. Click here to find one near you.

Enjoy the last days of your summer!

Until we speak again,


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