Taxpayers with Disabilities

Last night, I happily completed and submitted my federal, state, and local tax forms.  I’m one of the few people who actually like preparing my taxes.  I like the organization of collecting the various W-2s and 1099s.  I appreciate the precision of entering the data and double-checking my numbers.  I revel in the brief, unknowing wait as the system calculates my (fingers crossed!) refund or amount owed.  And, if I have to refer to the IRS with a question, it’s pure bliss.  Ah, the joys of tax season!

I know most people do not share my enjoyment of personal tax preparation.  This may be because of the complexity of their returns, the myriad of forms, or circular IRS instructions.  Fortunately, the IRS offers a series of Tax Tips containing information on a variety of topics.  One such Tax Tip recently caught my eye – Seven Tax Tips for Disabled Taxpayers.  This publication outlines several tax credits and benefits for which people with disabilities may qualify.

So, before the stress of another tax season fully sets in, explore the IRS site for the various resources available.  If that doesn’t help, take solace in knowing that it will all be over in a mere 60 days.  Unless, of course, you file an extension…

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