Those Tiger Moms

tigerprepTiger Prep had a “graduation” ceremony for 19 teenagers this morning. The awards for each highlighted the strengths and accomplishments of the participants, but underscored even more strongly the power of determined parents to make meaningful changes in the lives of children with disabilities. The two weeks of camp provide opportunities every day to develop self-confidence, social interaction and basic job skills. Many of the young adults will go on to actual job sites over the next few weeks under the supervision of intervention specialists.

Tiger Prep is an organization whose mission is to prepare students with special needs and those at risk for an independent, productive and happy adulthood through innovative, functional, skills-based programming. The two-week camp program was privately funded and made real by parents who were willing to devote the considerable time and energy necessary for such an enterprise.

Public programs do not always meet all of the needs of young adults with disabilities. Tiger Prep is one alternative which parents should consider as a model for supplementing what schools and other public programs offer.

– Posted by Attorney Franklin J. Hickman

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