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Web Accessibility

If you are a regular visitor to our website, you undoubtedly noticed its new look and format. One important new feature that you may not have immediately observed is our emphasis on web accessibility. Hickman & Lowder has partnered with Butler New Media to create a new site that includes accessibility features for people with a variety of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive abilities. These features, which were considered at every step in our site redesign process, include:

  • Section 508: Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act was amended in 1998 to include accessibility standards for Federal information technology and communication. While Section 508 is specific to the Federal sector, it is becoming a benchmark for site accessibility in other sectors, as well.
  • WCAG : Web Content Accessibility Guidelines created by the Web Accessibility Initiative, which include details on specific site language and methods for validation and testing of these features. Various priority levels for meeting these requirements have also been established.
  • XHTML and CSS: Extensible Hypertext Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets are components of coding in the design of a website.

Whether you use adaptive devices or standard equipment while surfing the web, please utilize the Accessibility tool on our site. There, you will have the opportunity to verify the accessibility of any webpage and learn more about the standards we follow. For more information on web accessibility, please visit www.w3.org.

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