Public & Private Agency Representation

We believe that meeting the needs of people with disabilities and special needs is a community affair. That’s why we’re proud to advise and represent non-profits, boards, and associations who also serve and advocate for our clients.

County Boards of Developmental Disabilities (formerly MR/DD), Mental Health, and Drug/Alcohol Boards, as well as private and non-profit agencies, sometimes need legal or public policy advice and representation beyond that which in-house counsel or county prosecutors can provide.

And because we also represent consumers similar to those each agency serves, we understand acutely well how our clients benefit from the important work these agencies do every day. Our many years of experience in this special role means we command a unique set of tools that help our clients avoid reinventing the wheel. The dialogue we create teaches all stakeholders how to get what they need and learn about options they may not have considered.

For those tackling a sticky guardianship issue, learning about new regulations, or facing an unfamiliar personnel challenge, Hickman & Lowder can help reduce your stress and turn things that seem like obstacles into opportunities.

Sometimes good advice or the right outcome in a single case can change the lives of hundreds of people with disabilities. Our passionate community-wide engagement is focused on creating a better future for everyone.

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